How to get people playing Bridge? Ideas from Maggy …

Just found a wonderful bridge blog and ezine from Maggy Simony, a 91-year-old who is interested in bridge history and how to keep people playing our wonderful game. She has some very good ideas. Check it out

Here is an excerpt from an email Maggy sent me which explains some of her thoughts on the subject, “History tells us that the WAY to make serious bridge the fad it once was until the 70s is to do what Ely Culbertson did back in the 20s and 30s.

Promote bridge as a social skill, and you change the culture and that led (will lead) to growth of serious bridge. That’s what happened back then.

I have blogged about Mini Bridge–I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even I, took on introducing a foursome to bridge this summer using a little folder from English web site that gave all rules, and notes on basic play. So LOGICAL to skip bidding until later!!

In this country, however, seems as if Mini Bridge approach is confined to kids in school. I don’t think anybody is ever any smarter (in basic iq) than they were in the 5th grade–may have more education later, but no smarter. So why NOT make this way of teaching open to just plain adults? People who don’t seek to play competitive bridge — just want to play for fun.”


Thanks Maggy, you have a very good point!

6 thoughts on “How to get people playing Bridge? Ideas from Maggy …

  1. John Thomas Kelly R699449

    The ONLY hope for restoring Contract Bridge to its former glory ( and increase ACBL membership) is to adopt and UTILIZE the prescriptions and proscriptions of ZERO TOLERANCE. If unpleasant behavior were not tolerated the game could thrive! Abusive and/or irregular actions that cost a 1/4 board or EXPULSION would put the boors on the right track!

    Please WAKE UP to ZT. Nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come!


  2. Kitty Cooper Post author

    Well thanks John for that thought. ZT is certainly an extremely important element for keeping people playing in clubs and tournaments.

    But how to get them to see bridge as a great game that is not just for little old ladies?

  3. kate jenkins

    I have a 10 year old grandson tom who loves cards. I heard an item on the radio talking about kids learning and enjoying bridge but am not sure where to find lessons (i dont play)! I’d be gradteful for any advice.
    thank you kate

  4. Kitty Cooper Post author

    Hi Kate – Have you tried contacting your local Bridge Club? I recommend starting kids with minibridge (bridge without the bidding). Since you are in England, there is information here – – also he can teach himself bridge by using the free download for the pc from the ACBL listed at the bottom of my page here

    Then he can play online. Bridge Base Online has the best interface and is free and has minibridge as well as bridge. But there are many other online places to play as well.

    Let me know if I can help further

  5. James

    Hi Kitty,

    I am new to this website and wanted to learn more about bridge. I’ve played card games before, but never realised how popular Bridge is. I am sure that this website will serve a great resource to learn more about this ever popular growing game.


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