We have created a suit symbol plugin for wordpress!

I recently wrote a suit symbol plugin for WordPress which is active on this site. Put an exclamation point in front of the suit letter: C, D, H, or S in your posts and comments to get a pretty suit symbol – .

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This plugin was originally written for JOOMLA (for http://BridgeWinners.com) and will soon be available for that system and  CMS made simple as well.

5 thoughts on “We have created a suit symbol plugin for wordpress!

    1. Kitty Cooper

      I will have a look later when in my offices, it probably has something to do with the styling of images on your site and I should be able to make you a workaround

      1. Kitty Cooper Post author

        Ok the problem is because your style.css sets all images to vertical-align: bottom; where vertical-align: text-bottom; would work better.
        But you do have a class called emoji which lets emojis be inline so I will email you a new version of suit symbols that includes class=emoji for each symbol


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