Are you going to the Nationals in Las Vegas?

One of my favorite things about the game of Bridge is that you can sit down and play against the greatest players in the game just by entering. That’s right, most of the National GreatAuctionSmllChampionships do not require any pre qualification. You may need to be a Life Master or have some minimum number of points however. So the next best thing is to watch a great player. Ask a director for suggestions.

There are also many events for beginning and intermediate players. Playing against your peers might improve your winning chances.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a fabulous place for a bridge championship. There is so much to see and do, plus you can catch a show or a great meal after the evening session!

Click here for more information from the ACBL about the upcoming Nationals starting on July 17.

And if you not heard my talk on opening leads or want to hear it again, I will be speaking on Wednesday July 23 at 6:45. Check the daily bulletin at the tournament for more details.

2 thoughts on “Are you going to the Nationals in Las Vegas?

  1. Killy

    Hi … I’d like to know when will be the next championship or even another contest where you can play easily, as you said in the article, without prequalification. I live in Toronto and I’d love to participate. Thanks to help me.


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