Last Minute Gift Ideas for Bridge Players – Bridge Books

Most bridge players appreciate a good bridge book for Christmas. So here are my suggestions

One of everyone’s all time favorite bridge books is S.J. Simon’s Why You Lose At Bridge, so it is great to see that one of our favorite British authors, Julian Pottage, has written a sequel, Why You Still Lose At Bridge. He features the same delighful characters but highlights some newer concepts in modern bidding that many of us get wrong. The first half of the book discusses eleven common errors that hurt your game. The second half has some wonderful hands with Mrs. Guggenheim, Futile Willy, and company. A good read for all levels.

For the advancing player, Patty Tucker has written a number of books in a series called Winning Bridge Conventions. All are thorough, well-written, and enjoyable. Best of all, they each have many examples that are beautifully laid out on the page. A topic not well covered in the literature that she has done a particularly good job with is Competitive Doubles. This book is suitable for intermediate and better players as well. Get it for your partner for Christmas.

For your expert or aspiring expert friends, the yearly world championship book is always a good pick; but if you want the feel of being at the 2013 championships in Bali on an underdog team try Scotland’s Senior Moment. I am still reading it and am utterly delighted with it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah to all our friends and bridge players everywhere.

A version of this article originally appeared in the District 17 Contract Bridge Forum for December 2014

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