Playing Bridge in Norway

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The European Championships are being played above the Artic Circle in Norway this year so I could not resist visiting the land of my ancestors and playing some bridge. I recommend watching them on vugraph at BBO. You also might look at some of the fun video bridge tips from the championships at

Also try reading some of the daily bulletins at

ViennaCoupEWHere is a play problem I had at the table in the Mixed Pairs. How do you make 13 tricks in notrump on the lead of the J from North who only knew that dummy had five or more hearts to one honor and three controls after our precision auction.

Clearly if spades break 3-3 you are home but if they do not should you play for the finesse in hearts or the squeeze: one hand with four spades and the K?  You can play off all but one minor suit winner before deciding.

ViennaCoupAt the table I played for the Vienna Coup by cashing the A at trick two, but I think  I was being flashy and it was not necessarily the best odds. I would love some opinions.

If you click on the hand it will take you to the analysis in the daily bulletin which includes a picture of me.

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