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try sending an email to my gmail address – kittymcooper instead

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    6 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. Kitty Cooper Post author

      This contact form may not have been working recently, it is now fixed. So if I did not respond to you, it is because I did not get it!

      1. Dawn

        Hi wondering if you could pls email/post a couple of 1NT re-opening bids.
        West pass
        North pass
        South 1 Spade
        West 1nt 10+pts a re-open ?

    2. Sally Patterson

      I have been trying to find a place to purchase your manual on Teaching Bridge to School Students.
      The formate look great…seems too large to print.
      Please help!
      I have not been able to get much help from ACBL as they have their own issues now.
      Thanks so much!
      335 North Charlotte Street
      Lancaster Pa 17603

      1. Kitty Cooper Post author

        Sally –
        Try calling your local printship, Kinkos or something similar. They may be able to print it and bind it inexpensively (spiral?) from the URL. Else if you download it and put it on a thumbdrive they can surely print it for you.

    3. Randy Fadem


      Use to play against you in San Diego. Played with Branko for awhile. Question.

      I have five spades, four hearts and eight to nine points.. Partner opens 1NT. Basic bridge. What is the best approach.
      I tend to mentor players( I am in Jerusalem) and want to give good advice.
      Correlatively, with five hearts, four spades and the eight to nine points I am suggesting Jacoby transfer followed by a second bid of 2S.

      Look forward to your thoughts…………Randy Fadem……..Hope all is well.

    4. Kitty M Cooper

      Sorry for the late reply, gmail is putting these in the wrong folder …

      Standard with 5 4 and an invitation is to bid Stayman, raising a major suit response (to 3 or game depending on the reevaluation) and bidding 2 over a 2 response

      If you play Smolen, then with the inverse hand the 2 bid after transferring to s is invitational and not forcing


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