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If you have a good question feel free to send it to me. Some older questions that I have answered can be found with the tag “Questions” on this site. These days I answer the most interesting questions with my husband in the District 17 newsletter column called “Consult the Coopers

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    Click here for a few questions answered on on this site:



    4 thoughts on “Bridge Questions

    1. Kitty Cooper Post author

      Recently I have received a number of questions about the rules aka laws of rubber bridge so here is the official set of rules:

      Gloria sent me a question but her email bounced (probably mistyped) so I will answer here:

      Gloria: Opponent open. Your overcall is insuffient. What are the rules, for example: 1spade, 1 heart

      Kitty: No penalty if you make the bid sufficient i.e. you bid 2
      If you choose any other call your partner is barred from the bidding for the rest of the auction

      see law 27 in the rules listed above

    2. See above

      This link is new to me and I am asking a question for Bridge game: What is an inverted minor?

      I really would appreciate your response.

      Thanks in advance,

    3. Kitty M Cooper

      Hi Stewart –
      Inverted minors are where responder to one of a minor bids two of the minor with a limit raise, rather than three, leaving plenty of room to explore for the likely contract of 3NT.
      With a weaker hand, responder jumps to three of the minor with five or more as a preemptive raise (or as some prefer just less than a limit raise so that 3NT will make when partner has a 2NT rebid).
      That leaves 1NT as the usual catch all bid for a hand of 6-10 points and no major.


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