May is the Month for USA Team Trials

This year there are four different events for which teams are being chosen. Spector was chosen in last years trials to be the USA1 Open team, so this year only one more Open team will be chosen. However two Mixed Teams, two Women’s teams, and two Senior Teams will win the right to represent the USA in the World Championships in Morocco starting August 20.

The platform used is click here for my previous post on how to navigate that site. A few new pointers are that when you look at the scorecard for a team, you can click on the board number to see what all the teams did on that board. In the example below, clicking on the blue boxed number above the scores will take you to the scorecard for that segment.

Also note that when you click on the flashing icon it takes you to a page where you have to click again on usbf1 or usbf2 to be taken to the twitch platform with the actual vugraph.

This year, I will be playing in the Mixed Team trials and I will also occasionally do vugraph commentary on the next events. Have fun watching!

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