Double Dummy Movie on TV and some Bridge Podcasts

The very enjoyable bridge movie, Double Dummy, about the travails of the USA 2012 under 21 bridge team, is scheduled to be aired on some PBS stations on January 17. Presumably passport members can stream it on demand as it came on earlier in some locales. PBS had this to say about this new shorter cut of the movie, “the film follows the USA 1 Under 21 team to China as they battle it out at the World Youth Team Championships the most prestigious event in junior bridge. DOUBLE DUMMY bridges the generation gap and explores the game of bridge and its growing popularity with younger generations.”

The filmmaker, who made that film, national champion John McAllister, also has a podcast called the Setting Trick, where he has interviewed many of the stars of Bridge like Bob Hamman, Joe Grue, Andrew Robson, the Rimstedt twins, Ron Smith, Jeff Meckstroth, Bart Bramley, and lots more. Recently he even interviewed me and that should be published soon!

Another more sociable Bridge podcast is called Sorry Partner and can also be found online and at Apple Podcasts. I particularly enjoyed the interview of young star, Emma Kolesnik.

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