Watching the Team Trials Vugraph

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UPDATE 20-May-2022: This article is still useful for how to watch the current 2022 Open team trial, although it is only the Open event. Also please click here to fill out my survey if you are watching.

One of the best ways to improve your bridge game is to watch experts playing. These days with so much online play, that is easy to do from the comfort of your home.

Currently the United States Bridge Federation (USBF) is running trials for various teams to represent us in the World Championships next year in Italy. They are using a platform called Love Bridge which allows live play with tablets in separate rooms. In these team matches, South and West from opposing teams are each in one room with the Norths and Easts in another. The idea is to prevent cheating which has ravaged the game. You can read more about cheating in the Times article mentioned on Bridge Winners (a social media platform for tournament Bridge players) – click here for that article

One match is shown on vugraph each day which you can find by clicking on VUGRAPH on the top left of the Love Bridge homepage on a PC (get the menu from the 3 lines on a tablet). Then you see a page like the image below. The computer terminal icon will be flashing when there is vugraph with live commentary.

Alternately you can click on an event to see the bracket sheet for that event and then on any score to get to the results listed for each board. Once on a results sheet, you can click on the blue arrow in a box to see that actual hand which will look like the following:

Click the big black diamond at the bottom (shown with my red arrow) to see the play. There are two days left in these trials, but you can still review the older hands. Apologies for not blogging about this sooner.

3 thoughts on “Watching the Team Trials Vugraph

  1. John Gignilliat

    I enjoyed very much kibitzing on LoveBridge. I found it much easier watch and keep track of everything that BBO. It is really fun to my bidding and play to the expert level. Thanks

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