The ACBL has the most current manual for teaching kids on their site plus much information and supporting material including lesson plans for younger children at This site has some materials to support that effort.

The ACBL Education foundation sponsors bridge classes in the schools. Click here for more information  from the ACBL.

Bridge Teaching Materials

My Bridge Lecture Handouts

For Bridge Teachers

MiniBridge Materials

Schools Program Materials


For Bridge Players

Hands to Bid

Either 120 or 64 hands to bid in two files, one for each of North and South in RTF format (suitable for printing or any word processor). The original BHG output from Borel is included. Zip files.

No downloads found.

Software for Bridge

Also see the suit symbol wordpress add-on for sale in the sidebar on the right.

8 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. maggy simony

    My gosh, this is indeed a neat thing to do–provide lessons for young children, a guide for parents or grandparents to teach their kids bridge.

    I blogged about just this topic last spring when someone in the audience I spoke to about my book about sociable bridge, told how her mother taught all the kids bridge before the got into school, and later taught her grandchildren.

    I had no idea there were teaching materials available for parents.

  2. Sharon Griffin

    What I find. I am so glad I found you. I looked at a couple of other sites and they just didn’t inspire me to learn how and maybe teach bridge. My doctor has recommended that I take it up to help with my depression and other reasons. So here I go. Thank you so much

  3. Kitty Cooper Post author

    Thank you Sharon, bridge is a wonderful game that is endlessly interesting and never completely mastered. great for the brain! Good luck with your learming

  4. Bob Munson

    I’m trying to find the posters. I saw the posters under ‘For Bridge Teachers’ and the fine print underneath said ‘available in Downloads.’ But, when I went to the Downloads tab I was unable to find the posters. We have recently begun teaching Middle School bridge and I was hoping to take the posters as visual aids. But I can’t figure a way to find/print the posters. We are using your material

    Thanks so much for making your material available. Invaluable.


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